Thursday, February 22, 2018

Day 3 and 4 2017

Adil and Arm in the class

Ian, Ying, Cindy and Mukhlis

Ony, Natcha, Ploy and Salsa

Teacher Yayuk and Teacher Diana in Welcome Party

Dhifa, Sabil, Ony are the dancers of Manuk Dadali

The Director of Education service area 42 and The Director of Uthaiwitthayakom School are signing MOU
It is a nice welcome party

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Day 1 and 2 2017

Day 1 and 2 ( 18 - 19 November 2017 )

12 students that will go to Thailand
2 teachers that go to Thailand

12 students and their parents on the stage to tell to the other students that they would go to Thailand

Waiting for the time to fly
In Kuala Lumpur Airport to transit to Bangkok

Ong and Ian 
in near Wat Bot - Uthai Thani

Arm, Adil and Dome .....the first day at Uthaiwitthayakom School

Introducing themselves in front of the host families

taking a picture together with the Director of Uthaiwitthayakom School

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ninth and Tenth Days

Ninth and Tenth Days ( 1 - 2 February 2018)
Giving Certificate to Teacher Yayuk

3 Thai teachers and 2 Indonesia teachers that joined the project
Thai students performed Thai dance in Farewell Party 
Arm, View and May are dancing in Farewell Party
Thai students got certificates
Ony and Ploy in Juanda Airport.....Goodbye, hope to see you again next year

Parents and Thai students
Sevi, View and mother
mother, view and Alissa
Teacher and Madura Batik
in Juanda Airport ......going home to Thailand

Seventh and Eight Days

                               Seventh and Eighth Days ( 30,31 November 2018)

Drawing on the hat

Ploy and Ony, Nuy and Nadya drawing on the hat
Teacher Phom drawing "Hello Kitty"

Beauty Class by Ian's mama at Ian's house
Durian Party at Ian's house

Ian, Ong and Ian's mama

Nune, Ong and Pear at Ian's house

Teacher Ae and Deputy are drawing Batik

Teacher Ae and Teacher Diana are holding "Canting"

Nuy, Arm and Deputy showed their batik

Students are busy and enjoy to draw batik

Finish....the Basic Batik Course

In Jatim Park I, Batu

In Jatim Park I,Batu

Fifth and Sixth Days

Fifth and Sixth Days ( 28, 29 November 2018)

Sabil, Alissa, Nune, Pear and Ong in morning market

Teacher Ae and Teacher Yayuk walked around morning market

happy in the beach
taking a picture together

Arm, May and View the three students that always be together

Ying and Dome in Canteen

Cooking class

Adil's mother was teaching how to make "Dadar gulung"

having lunch in Makoya Restaurant

Nuy and Nadya and Nadya's classmates

Nadya and Nuy